Cinderella Movies - A Cinderella Story
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Cinderella Movies - A Cinderella Story

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Hilary Duff stars as Sam in this modern-day Cinderella story. Sam is a high school student who scrubs floors at the family diner. All the while her step-sisters are spoiled rotten, and her step-mother, Fiona (Jennifer Coolidge) is self-involved and could care less about Sam. Through this, Sam has an anonymous e-mail buddy and she begins to have a crush on this faceless person.  Turns out he is, in essence, the prince of San Fernando Valley High.  Her e-mail buddy is Austin (Chad Michael Murry), the star quarterback and most available bachelor. Will Sam and Austin find their way to eachother? Bonus fun activity book included.

Format: DVD Widescreen

Genre: Children/Family

Rating: PG