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Toy Story Movies - Toy Story 3
$46.00 $36.97 - 20% Off!

Andy is all grown-up and ready to head off to college. His mom has asked him to make a donation box and a keep box.  Of course, Woody (voiced by Tom Hanks), Buzz (Tim Allen) and a few of his other favorite toys get put in the keep pile to store in the attic. Unfortunately, there is a mix-up and Andy's mom donates the keep box to Sunnyside Daycare. The toys are excited at the prospects of being played with everyday, however Woody is determined to get back to Andy. Before Andy leaves Sunnyside and his friends for good, he and the other toys realize Lots-O'-Huggin' (Ned Beatty) was completely truthful about his intentions. Can Woody and Buzz successfully and safely lead themselves and the other Andy toys out of Sunnyside and back home to Andy?

Format: Blu-Ray/DVD 2-disc Combo

Genre: Children/Family

Rating: G

IB# 55175