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Disney Cars Movies - Cars 2
$46.00 $36.97 - 20% Off!

Cars 2 is a fast-pased, James Bone-esque adventure film where Mater inadvertently involves Lightening McQueen (Owen Wilson) in a three-part international race sponsored by Sir Miles Axlerod (Eddie Izzard). Axelrod developed this race to promote his new synthetic fuel, but cars keep exploding. While mayhem creeps into the raceway, Mater (Larry the Cable Guy) finds himself mixed up with two Brittish intelligence agents Finn McMissile (Michael Caine) and Holley Shiftwell (Emily Mortimer).  These two agents are trying to find out who or what is behind the attacks on the cars. How will Lightening and Mater ever get back home to Radiator Spring alive?

Special Features of this DVD include the theatrical short Toy Story Toon: Hawaiian Vacation and an all new, exclusive Cars Toon: Air Mater. 

Format: Blu-Ray/DVD, 2-Disc Combo

Genre: Children/Family

Rating: G

IB# 55007