Adorable Portraits of a Baby and Rescue Dog in Matching Clothes


There's simply too much to love about this photography series by photographer Grace Chon. Chon has a lot of experience taking pictures of children and pets, and when she started snapping photos of her very own adorable 10-month-old and her rescue Zoey. It all started with a photo of them in matching hats, and there was such an overwhelming positive response that she decided to do more.

"I have a lot of really cute hats for Jasper . . . And one day I realized it looked really good on Zoey; it fit her perfectly and she looked adorable," says Chon. "Zoey loves wearing clothes and loves the camera. She will dance around when the clothes come out, and she'll go running over to her little spot as soon as I have my camera."

Apparently the photos have had a positive effect on the relationship between Jasper and Zoey, too. "Zoey is really shy, and she didn't even let Jasper touch her until he was about seven months old." But after several months of taking the photos, Zoey and Jasper are getting along swimmingly.


Chon's caption: "Guess which one of us likes to work out? Here's a hint, it rhymes with Shmasper."







Chon says she's excited about the publicity that her photos have received because it's brought so much attention to the value of rescuing dogs--especially black dogs. Black Dog Syndrome is a real phenomena in shelters and rescues; black dogs are adopted substantially less often than other dogs. "I'm so glad that the whole world can see what a beautiful black dog my Zoey girl is," she said.

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